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What is the meaning of this term in Wing Chun?.We always hear about receiving, following and the likes. Following is not hard to understand but we have to realize that it is easier done when the former is well understood first.

One of my Sifu's used to tell me to "open my heart" all the time because I had troubles with the receiving part of the art at that time. I was always doing too much, pushing too hard. I was always trying to bounce the opponent away or being too circular in a quasi Aikido way. Both are not the Wing Chun way and always lead to clashing with the opponent force or playing torero!

The proper way to receive is to accept the opponents attack as a precious gift. To let him cross your first line of defense (Man Sau) and to step or shift using the absolute minimum motion possible. Of course a good basic stance (YGKYM) is essential as well as the control of the elbow line and force, but it is another subject. When you stop pushing away or pulling around your opponent and simply do with his present position toward yourself, you are always in a good strategic position to attack yourself ,often by simply "following" his own attacking hand back to him.

This way, the attack and defense are a circle going back to the opponent and are free of frantic motions and have nothing to do with prearranged self-defense tricks.

To be good at "giving" means to be good at receiving first .

Sifu Michel Boulet.

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