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Similar to an iceberg, Wing Chun is not showing much to the onlooker. There are no flashy forms to show off and the fighting techniques look almost to simple to the untrained eye. The stance is not very low and many will think that it is weak and that it offers only some sinking and stability.

And what about this first form called Siu Lim Tao?.What in the world could this bizarre and almost motionless exercise brings for a practitioner?.There lies one of the most important aspect of Wing Chun.

The Wing Chun student (we are all students for life in Wing Chun!) will learn to relax and lower his breathing to the abdomen, filling his tantien with Chi. He will then practice the hand motions using awareness and control, using his Yi or imagination to send the energy through the motions.

His basic stance will gradually gain real function and stability. It will become easy to use the ground as base for defensive or offensive hand techniques.

The student, persistent enough to seriously practice Siu Lim Tao, will express more force in his moves and even when motionless but these qualities will still be invisible to the eye. Practice doesn't grow muscles and his Wing Chun will not have more of a "killer" look than before. Only his Chi Sau partners will notice his progress.

The first and bigger half of the system is to gain control over ourselves before attempting to control others. This requires patience, dedication and no insecurity complexes. Remember the stories about dogs who bark and those who don't?. ;-)

Sifu Michel Boulet.

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