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As we all know, the main benefit of practicing Siu Lim Tao is to develop good foundations. Centreline awareness, relaxed power, sinking, mind calmness come to mind. But when do those things come alive?. Chum Kiu is the answer.

The inherent message of the second form is to add the body movement/mass/weight, whatever the way you like to call it to the equation. Chum Kiu creates the bridge but it also creates the proper angle to engage the opponents attack.

When properly done, the typical S.L.T. motion keeps its perfect position on the centreline and it is the body turning or stepping which provides for the power. Chum Kiu is the insurance against "hands chasing" in a way.

Without a good Chum Kiu foundation, the practitioner will mostly react with his arms only and spend lots of energy fighting the opponents force. We often see as a result people pushing aside with their Tan Sau , crossing the line with their Pak Sau or pulling with arm muscles when doing Lop Sau.

It is easy to see the two forms as two entities and forget all about the teachings of Siu Lim Tao when the body is in motion or in simply practicing Chum Kiu.

Wing Chun is a system and it is meant to build its practitioners in a systematic way. The Wing Chun student must never forget to not throw away his Siu Lim Tao when he begins his Chum Kiu journey. This principle will greatly enhance his Chi Sau training as well.

Sifu Michel Boulet

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